Krishna Natkhat Ganesha Idol (24 Karat Gold)

Krishna Natkhat Ganesha Idol (24 Karat Gold)

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A naughty yet innocent smiling baby Ganesha to remind you that the world can be won over with great wit and charm.

  • Made from premium resin and terracotta
  • 24 karat gold plated embellishments
  • Color: Grey & Gold
  • Beautifully presented in an elegant box

Please note:
Since this art piece is handmade, each design is unique and there could be slight design variations from what has been displayed above.

Dimensions: 5 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 6 cm (H)


The Gods & Goddesses continue to influence their believers in daily rituals all across the globe.

Inspired by their power and aura "The Gogappa Divine Collection" focuses on the traditional depiction of these idols at the same time combines them with a very contemporary and new age twist.

Embellished in gold/silver, each piece reflects fine artistry and makes for a perfect decor object or a classy gift.


  • Do not wash, dust it dry
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Handle with care


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Free Shipping In India

24 Karat Gold Plated Work

Beautiful Gift Presentation

Hand Crafted Artwork



Additional Information

  • The Master Craft

    With a slightly inclined head that gazes at you mirthfully, the Natkhat Ganesha stands for all innocence, all mischief that arises of curiosity. Be blessed by the lord's playful person.


The Color : Gray

A colour that symbolizes wisdom, grey also induces neutrality in thought, and hence humility.

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